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All about this handy little guide for dancers

See a dancer who should be listed? Just let us know here and we'll update the site asap.

Dancers Guide is a free listing site to make it easier to discover you're favourite dancers and their online content.

We were looking for an easy-to-use site to discover pro dancers across styles and the few listing sites we found were incomplete and usually style-specific.

We're dancers who like lots of different styles, and with day-jobs creating websites and apps decided to build what we wanted.

We did this a few months ago, but hadn't got around to launching it. With the global lockdown, and seeing how much our favourite artists are suffering, we thought it was a good time to dust it off and help connect dancers to pro dancers (and their online courses!).

We're aggregating public content from pro dancers in the public eye, and all videos and playlists either embed or link to the original content (so the creator gets all the views / traffic / exposure).

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